Friday, January 13, 2012

Enfamil 'WOW' Deal

This week HEB has a deal: Buy 2 tubs of Enfamil and receive a $5 HEB gift card.

I  normally only buy store brand baby formula UNLESS I have checks or/and coupons that make the name brand formula cheaper (which is quite rare). Today was my lucky day.

This week I had printed off two $10 off Enfamil tubs; unfortunately I did not have any Enfamil checks.

Here is the breakdown:

Enfamil: 23.98 + 23.98= $47.96- $20 (my two $10 coupons)= $27.96 - $5 (the HEB gift card that was given to me and I was allowed to use it on the same transaction as the formula)= $22.96 

I paid only $22.96 for two tubs of Enfamil formula!!!  That is $11.48 for each tub!

Another awesome deal is that after I paid for my purchases, I was handed a coupon for a small tub of HEB store brand formula. That makes the deal even more amazing!!!!

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